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Who we are


Siawns Teg is a social inclusion charity that works in the community of Powys to break down the problems and issues surrounding unemployment, personal learning opportunities and health. Siawns Teg has a highly motivated and experienced team of Trainers and mentors and is connected to a number of other local support groups with similar ideals. We are well known locally and internationally for our innovative and effective ways of engaging people in their own destiny and opportunity.


We challenge two misconceptions:


1. Some service providers say that “people with problems are hard to reach”.  We say that people with problems often don’t have the resources to travel and research what services are available.  The problem is that people find services hard to reach.  We believe that service providers should be working to break down barriers of access for people they aim to support, not the other way round.


2. Some funders provide money for organisations like Siawns Teg based on the numbers of people who will benefit.  In Powys numbers are much less than in urban populations, and so outcomes for funders are not so exciting.  We believe that the problems facing people in rural areas are just as difficult as for those people in urban cities, and that rural communities should have the same opportunities.


What we do


Siawns Teg takes pride in helping people to help themselves.  We do this impartially and without discrimination, regardless of what situation, difficulty or problem comes through our door.


We provide a holistic approach, working with individuals either alone or in groups to look at problems and planning solutions. We are good at supporting people to fit in with their community at work and play. We see it as a community effort, that is not only a problem for the individual, but one for the community as well to help address. That’s not to say that individuals can dodge the responsibility, each person is motivated to see what they can do and to own their progress.


We run local courses and mentoring for individuals that guide people to realise their worth to themselves and the community. The course are tailor made and can cover anything from giving people confidence to attend a course to starting their own business. Some courses carry a recognised qualification!  Our style of support is unique and proven with partner organisations in Europe. We have a high success rate of engaging with the unengaged, and getting people into work.

Online Business Solutions


There are numerous small businesses in Powys that could benefit from a simple website.  Often small businesses do not have the resources to set up or maintain a useful website.  Many have a holding page that hasn’t changed for some time.


As part of our support for people starting their own business we offer a low priced starter tool that helps set up and present the small business to the general public.  We now aim to extend that service to other established small businesses in Powys.


What we offer


We meet with you to discuss your needs, and fit those needs to the solution.  We do not offer a costly set of IT tools that you will never use!


We will talk about the content on the site, how often you want it reviewed, and what you expect it to do.  We will not offer a multi-functional package that you may never want or need!


We will assist you to find a website host.  That way you stay in control.  We will not ask you to join our website host and charge you for the privilege!


We are only offering this service to Powys small businesse’s, so that we are close enough to remain a personal service.


We are a charity, offering valuable services to the community.  As such our rates are practical.  We only charge you when we do something for you.  We do not charge retainer fees or any hidden costs.  There is an Agreement to Provide, but no formal contract.  You can stop using us whenever you want, or ask for additional services.


We will not own your IT equipment.  You will just need to allow us access to your hosting site. 


We do not offer IT repair services, but our customers benefit from a choice of one or more:


Finding a host for your site if you don’t already have one.  (You pay their hosting fee)

Setting up a holding page or front page.

Adding pages as you need them

Updating pages when you want, with your prepared content (within 5 days of asking)

Support to prepare content if required

Setting up (and maintaining) a database of customers, and their preferred products

If your host service includes analysis of usage we will provide reports and feedback if required.


The cost of each service is negotiable with a minimum charge for low volume.


In return we ask that if you are happy with our service, that you say so on your website.

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